BBRT researchers are investigating the use of soy-based materials as a source of nitrogen in a fully biorenewable, slow-release fertilizer.

Researcher sees market potential for soybean oil-based wax coatings in the paper and packaging industry.

Video screenshot of composting

Videos show results at 2-week intervals during a 12-week composting cycle with over 20 types of bioplastic composites.

Biobased Coatings with Antibacterial Properties

BBRT researchers are developing soybean oil-based coatings that have antibacterial properties.


The Biopolymers & Biocomposites Research Team (BBRT), established in 1995, promotes research in the development of biorenewable polymers from Midwest crops, encourages bioplastics in industry, and works towards new formulations and processing techniques. In the Team Members section, you can find detailed information on our focus. We work with plant-based oils, proteins, adhesives, and composites.

About the Team

Our team is focused on four major research areas:

Biobased polymers
Protein-based plastics
Cellulosic-based composites
Design, characterization, and use of biopolymers and biocomposites

The team consists of world leaders in research and teaching in these areas.