Polymers Environmental Comparator

Key Features

Web-based application

User-friendly graphical interface

Works on all major web browsers

Access anytime, anywhere

No costly implementation

Print out detailed comparison reports

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Easily Compare Costs and Eco-profiles of Plastics

The Polymers Environmental Comparator is a user-friendly, web-based application designed to calculate and compare processing costs, energy consumption, and greenhouse gas emissions of various petroleum and biobased plastics.


The objective of this software is to calculate and compare the overall processing costs, energy requirements, and greenhouse emissions through a user-friendly graphic interface of various petrochemical plastics and biobased plastics. The models are based on assumptions and statistical data from a wide range of peer reviewed references.

Based on user defined product specifications, such as part size, annual production, and overhead costs, the software will allow the user to compare production of specific products from various plastics. In order to make this comparison, the user must first select a bioplastic and provide details on the material and product production and specifications. Later, the user can select petrochemical plastics that can be compared to the selected bioplastic.


You will be able to select from 12 common petroleum and biobased plastics including PET, PE, PS, PLA, and PHA. An option is available to enter additional plastics or enter specific information from suppliers.

Data Entry

With easy navigation, the Polymers Environmental Comparator guides you through the process step-by-step to quickly generate comparison reports without entering an enormous amount of data. The large, graphical interface lets you enter data quickly and easily. Add your product’s specifications, such as part size and overhead costs, and use or modify the built-in model assumptions. You can also determine final end treatment for the product including recyling, incineration or landfill.

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The Polymers Environmental Comparator is supported by USDA Biopreferred, Nypro, M-Base Engineering + Software GmbH, and Iowa State University Department of Agricultural and Biosystems Engineering and Center for Crops Utilization Research. Software design and implementation provided by M-Base and Nypro.