Polymerization of Renewable Oils

Research is focused on using renewable oils such as soybean, corn, and linseed oils to create biobased polymers. Coatings, films, adhesives, plastics, and resins have been developed and tested.

These new polymers could be used in furniture, automobiles, electronics, fiber optics, and much more.

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More information about this research area can be found onDavid Grewell's team page.

Project Highlight: Biobased Coatings with Antibacterial Properties

Ying Xia and Zongyu Zhang
Ying Xia, postdoctoral research associate in materials science and engineering (right), shows Zongyu Zhang, graduate student in food science and human nutrition, a cationic polymer liquid dispersion used in casting soybean oil-based antibacterial coatings. Zhang is holding a microbiology culture plate used to test the coatings against bacterial pathogens.

BBRT researchers are developing soybean oil-based coatings that have antibacterial properties. They are using soybean oil to create polymers that are biorenewable and prepared in an environmentally friendly manner without the use of volatile organic compounds. They incorporate cationic charges into the polymer structure to make the coatings antibacterial.

These coatings could have applications in many fields where the killing of pathogens or prevention of surface colonization is essential.

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