Buddhi Lamsal

Buddhi Lamsal
Buddhi Lamsal

Department of Food Science and Human Nutrition

Assisant Professor
(515) 294-8181
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Buddhi Lamsal conducts research in value-added bioprocessing and biobased products from agricultural resources. He applies physical, chemical and biological principles for full and novel uses of agricultural resources, especially crops and biomasses, their components, and coproducts, thus, leading to sustainability of processes and products.

One of the recent research included extraction and utilization of high-purity corn protein zein from low-value corn co-products (DDGS). Extraction procedures for functional α-zeins fraction without pigments were optimized at 70% w/w isopropanol with 0.25% NaOH. A clear and flexible film was obtained with no or very small amounts of pigments. In related research, titanium dioxide nanoparticles (which have bactericidal properties) were incorporated within zein protein and whey protein matrices. The mechanical/structural properties of the resulting films and the antimicrobial properties of the film were evaluated for potential use in active packaging.