Balaji Narasimhan

Balaji Narasimhan
Balaji Narasimhan

Engineering Administration and Department of Chemical and Biological Engineering

Associate Dean for Research and Vlasta Klima Balloun Professor
(515) 294-8019
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Balaji Narasimhan's research is focused on the molecular design of nanoscale polymer systems and biomaterials to precisely control molecular architecture and functionality in these systems. The overall goal is to answer critical questions related to organization and dynamics occurring on length scales ranging from the nanometer to the micron-scale at surfaces of and interfaces between nanoparticles, inorganic materials (e.g., Si surfaces), cells, and biomolecules (e.g., drugs, proteins). The tools that he utilizes include novel synthesis methodologies, precise functionalization of nanoparticles, and state-of-the-art surface/interfacial characterization.

His current research thrusts are in the areas of functionalized nanoparticles for targeted vaccine and drug delivery, rational protein stabilization strategies using nanostructured biodegradable block copolymers, multifunctional nanoparticles for biosensing and enzymatic catalysis, and the development of combinatorial and high throughput technology for synthesis and testing of biomaterials.